Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fat Tulips - Starfish (1994, Vinyl Japan)

The first and only album from these Nottingham, UK denizens, following an avalanche of well received singles and EPs.  Fat Tulips were your sort of quintessential co-ed twee-tet, with Sheggi's humble, every-girl vocals and Mark D's steady volley of hard strummed chords.  They were an indie label-only proposition, existing from 1987-94, and they seemed to fly the banner of the unheralded imprints they recorded for.  I can't say how Starfish stacks up to their earlier offerings, because I simply haven't heard enough of them, but the brunt of this album is above average, albeit not always shattering.  Many selections hearken back to the stylings of the then recent C86 movement, and elsewhere you might catch a glint or two of the Primitives.  Enjoy (or not), but I think you will.

01. So Unbelievable!
02. A World Away From Me
03. Ribs
04. The Sweetest Child
05. Chainsaw
06. I Promise You
07. My Secret Place
08. Double Decker Bus
09. Clumsy
10. If God Exists
11. Big Toe
12. Nothing Less Than You Deserve
13. Letting Go
14. The Death of Me
15. Never


Jess Manuel said...

Nice. This band is also connected to bands like Confetti, Slumber, Twa Toots,and Sundress.

Pernt said...

Oh man... this right here - THIS! - is why W.O. is my first Internet stop every morning. Holy cow, I was stuck in traffic listening to this, but I didn't care... I was in auditory heaven. Can't wait to give it another go 'round. Excellent!

Stathis said...

Can you please repost this CD?
Thank you very much