Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lost Generation - Military Heroes tape (1983, Incas)

I'm a sucker for anything adorning the Incas Records logo - maybe too much of a sucker.  Still, my investment in this tape was meager, so no major regrets.  Lost Generation were a relatively well known Connecticut hardcore crew, though not markedly innovative.  This cassette ep followed up a well received 7" in 1982, Never Work, and several albums ensued throughout the '80s.  "Heroes" and "Sheik Opec" are decent enough socio-political punk screeds, typical of the Raygun-era.  "Heroes (Part 2)" however, is a brief dub/reggae foray that bears nothing in common with the other song on here that it shares it's namesake with.  "Trouble" kicks up a little dirt in the manner of Angry Samoans and White Flag, winning my vote for MVP on this cartridge.  A CD compilation of LG back catalog material, Punk This, saw the light of day in 1995.

01. Heroes
02. Heroes (Part 2)
03. Trouble
04. Help Us
05. Win or Lose
06. Sheik OPEC

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tony party said...

I love that first 7in. That and the 1st 8th Route Army 7in pass by without getting the pros they deserve. Great post.