Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hinterland - Kissing The Roof of Heaven (1990)

Hopefully this coming week I'll be posting some fresh vinyl rips and maybe re-ups of expired links.  I recently had a request for this one, and truthfully haven't had much time to live with it.  Nonetheless I appreciate where Hinterland was coming from.  In a nutshell, this is the other fork in the road U2 could have taken post-Joshua TreeKissing the Roof... is the sort of textured, contemplative music I was getting my fill of in middle school, just before I made the full scale ascendancy into alt/indie rock.  Sort of mines the same vein as David & David, Blue Nile, Not Drowning Waving.  Maybe even a mellower Cactus World News.  Robbie Robertson from The Band put a solo disc in 1987 that would have meshed nicely with this one, if that's worth anything to you.  Hinterland were of Irish stock, and at the moment I don't have much else to divulge on them except that this album was more rewarding than I was anticipating.

01. Dark Hill
02. Handle Me
03. Reporter
04. Stanley's Minutes
05. God's Reverb
06. Galway Bay
07. Dive the Deepest
08. The Artists
09. Aeroplanes
10. Desert Boots
11. Senior Romantics

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