Friday, April 10, 2020

Chicken Scratch - Pass the Porcupine (1988, Community 3)

In spite of the haphazard sleeve art and hokey moniker, Chicken Scratch's surface level frivolities belie some genuinely commendable tunes.  Sounding like an amalgam of Agitpop (who are thanked on the back cover), fIREHOSE, and the Volcano Suns, this Jersey trio is cut from doggedly indie rawk cloth.  Not everything they fling at the wall sticks, and to be honest some of Pass the Porcupine's quieter pieces don't do them justice, but this record's more memorable moments like "House the Size of Your Mind," "Scary Clock," and "Take It Away" bear just enough accessibility to draw you further into their dissonant and often challenging microcosm.  Two albums followed, but I have firsthand knowledge of neither.

01. House the Size of Your Mind
02. Mailman
03. Pulling Sheep
04. 400 Years
05. Take It Away
06. Mumbling About Ducks
07. I Gave at the Office
08. Moon Crawl
09. Acid Rain Dance
10. Ignoring the Breadcrumbs
11. Cement State Park
12. Scary Clock
13. Birds
14. Three Blind Mice

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