Sunday, June 16, 2024

I get ripped apart, pick it up and take it home again.

For me and many of my friends this was one of the most significant records of 1997, maybe even the decade.  It was frustrating not seeing these guys break through to a national audience.  Perhaps there were valid reasons for this, but as the song says, "you can't fight something you can't see..."

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Ape Mummy said...

Yet again, I 100% agree with you. I discovered these guys during a misspent year at University of Maryland, the CD hidden in the stacks at WMUC. I must have played a song from this every single show I did that year, right up until I failed out know, not going to class.

Failsafe said...

Not helped much by their band name unfortunately.
Good sounding band I'd not heard of and in hindsight some 25 years later they do sound like distillation of things that had gone before them, notably the ghost of Cobain in the vocals.