Monday, April 22, 2024

Mission -- The Last Detail (1983, Frantic)

Not to be confused with the British Mission U.K. (in fact, this Maryland-based quartet may have been responsible for forcing them to graft "UK" to the end of their moniker) this crew ironically sported a vividly evident Anglophile stripe themselves.  Definitely not full-fledged goth in the classic sense, Mission still managed to water down the likes of Bauhaus, with a vocalist in tow (David Jon Cawkwell) whose pipes nonetheless suggested discernable shades of Peter Murphy.  The Last Detail is passable, even satisfying on "What Goes Around," and more so on the positively punky "Interrogation," yet the going on this mini long-player rarely veers towards anything exceptional.  And why is that bands of their ilk/era always felt the need to offer an ironic reading of an overplayed classic rock tune, in this case a tired Monkees retread of all things? I hardly think the world was hankering for a noir take on "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone," but for better or worse it was committed to tape. Enjoy (or not).   

01. Dreaming
02. Reasons Why
03. Where Were You
04. What Goes Around
05. The Girl Next Door
06. Interrogation
07. Stepping Stone


phredneverfred said...

Great record, Robert Christgau called it "the best Neo-psychedelic record to date"
Mission released 2 records, this one and When Thunder Comes. A R&B band from Philly Mission got signed to a major label and bought the name from them. The name of the second record became the name of the band. They are still performing around Baltimore these days.

spavid said...

Wow, I didn't know ANY Of this stuff phred. Thanks! I guess one man's post-punk is another man's Neo-psychedelic.