Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Swimming Pool Q's - The Firing Squad For God ep (1987, DB)

Occasionally I share music not based wholly on it's merits, rather on other surrounding factors. Though I'm an admirer of the Swimming Pool Q's I can't profess to being a mondo fanatic of them, yet I know I likely have a decent quotient of readers who in fact are more appreciative of these Atlanta than I'll ever be. Hence my motive in sharing this EP, given that it contains several selections, that to my knowledge, never made the transition to the digital era. The record's title track is a gaudy, effects-laden surge of mechanized, heavy-handed studio excess that only an era like the '80s could have been responsible for. Pretty off-putting in comparison to the Q's relatively humble preceding efforts, but sardonically amusing, not unlike their contemporaries in say, the Screaming Blue Messiahs. It's backed with four b-sides, including a dollop of instrumentals (or quasi variants thereof) pretty much all of which border on frivolous. "Working in a Nut Plant," dating from 1982, is a fully realized tune however, and I find it's the most rewarding and recommendable item this slab of wax has going for it. Enjoy.     

01. The Firing Squad For God
02. El Presidenté
03. Working in the Nut Plant
04. Hip-Hype
05. Represidenté


Josef Kloiber said...

I have the band The A&M years 1984-86 3 cd +1 dvd. Like the band very much.

Mike said...

I am unable to extract the links as the prompt says they are broken. Is anybody else having the problem?

Luc said...

Very good! Post more stuff like this please!!!

WhatTS said...

yeah, I was something of a fan until this EP, which I also saw them tour....