Sunday, December 10, 2023

Game Theory - live @ Fat Fonzies, Sacramento 10/5/84

It's not the first time I've hosted material by Game Theory and with any luck it won't be the last (but you never know). On this particular night in Sacto, CA we zoom in on Scott Miller, Gil Ray, et al ignite Fat Fonzies, a venue they were no strangers to. This performance was sandwiched between the band's Dead Center (1984) and Real Nighttime (1985) albums, with the setlist slightly favoring the latter. 

Arguably the band still hadn't quite peaked, but virtually everything in G/T's repertoire up until this point was golden, and they had accumulated a number of early classics under their belt, several included on the setlist - "Curse Of The Frontierland," "Nine Lives To Rigel Five" and "Penny, Things Won't."  "Friend of the Family" sounds particularly vicious and vibrant, as does a fast and frenetic execution of "Real Nighttime." A couple of covers make an appearance, both fun but a tad frivolous - a rendition of "Aliens in Our Midst" originally penned by Sacramento garage punks The Twinkeyz, and a done-to-death Fab Four tune to finish the crowd off.  This is a decent audience tape with the drums prominent in the mix, but not grating or overpowering.  Not their definitive concert, but there's plenty of spunk and magic to be had.  Per the liner notes of the original torrent seeder, it's regarded as the first live G/T tape in circulation. Enjoy!

01. Penny, Things Won't
02. Real Nighttime
03. Curse Of The Frontierland
04. Waltz The Halls Always
05. 24
05. Friend Of The Family
07. Nine Lives To Rigel Five
08. Aliens of Our Midst (Twinkeyz)
09. I Wanna Get Hit By A Car
10. Shark Pretty
11. Rayon Drive
12. I Want To Hold Your Hand 

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Josef Kloiber said...

Game Theory one of my favourites from the 80s. Thank you !