Thursday, March 23, 2023

V/A - Every One a Classic!!! Vols. 1 & 2

Even after all these decades, not only am I discovering artists from the classic era of Brit punk and power pop, I'm still discovering entire series of compilations dedicated to preserving them. Granted a good many of these collections are bootlegs, but nonetheless. Case in point, the six volume Every One a Classic!!! CD compendiums issued by a UK one-off imprint, Punk, Mod, Powerpop. From what I can discern, there's absolutely no copyright date provided as to when they were pressed, but with a little research the music featured on each set covers the era of 1977-81. Best of all, the cuts don't come much deeper than what's presented here. Between the two installments I'm presenting today, there are 30 acts, of which I only had direct familiarity with one (The Now) prior. 

Truth be told, I didn't have the opportunity to research everyone on the two rosters, but per my queries on Discogs and elsewhere, the vast majority of bands involved only stuck around long enough to mint a single ep or 45. Quite literally one and done, but as always, the brevity of an artist's discography is rarely indicative of the significance of the roughly seven minutes (or so) of music that's occupying the wax. Generalities are a bit fuzzy to level here, but Vol. 1 seems to skew slightly more towards power pop, while the second volume tends to shine the spotlight on more aggro punk. There are plenty of exceptions on both disks. At the very least, virtually everywhere the laser lands you're bound to encounter something good/acceptable, but a good half of the tunes are of significantly higher caliber than that. Highlights are plentiful, and though I'm strapped for time a few recommendations would have to include Quality Drivel, Shock Treatment, Moving Targets (UK), Train Spotters, Acme Attractions, Martin and the Brownshirts (very New York Dolls-y), Cyanide, and Radio City (the latter being as an enticing a power-pop proposition as the moniker might lead one to believe). Enjoy.

Volume 1
01. Acme Attractions – Anyway
02. Fascinations - Blue Movies
03. The Escorts - Bingo
04. The English - Hooray For The English!
05. Xpress - Junked-Up Judy
06. HorrorComic - England 77
07. Warm Jets - Big City Boys
08. Moving Targets - The Boys Own
09. The Trainspotters - High Rise
10. Fun 4 - Singing In The Showers
11. The Rivals - Here Comes The Night
12. Shadowfax - Calling the Shots
13. Blunt Instrument - No Excuse
14. Lenny And The Lawbreakers – Me And Bobby McGee
15. The Now - Nine O'clock


Volume 2
01. The Perfectors – YT502951D
02. Quality Drivel - Stagnant Minds
03. Sta-Prest - Schooldays
04. Kidz Next Door - Kidz Next Door
05. Silent Noise - I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before)
06. Bee Bee Cee - You Gotta Know Girl
07. Martin And The Brownshirts – Taxi Driver
08. Psykik Volts - Horror Stories #5
09. Long Tall Shorty - Win or Lose
10. Accident On The East Lancs – Tell Me What You Mean
11. Notsensibles – The Telephone Rings Again
12. Xtraverts - 1984
13. Shock Treatment - Big Check Shirts
14. Radio City - Love and a Picture
15. Cyanide - I'm a Boy



KARK said...

Really looking forward to hearing this. Thanks!

AJ said...

This should be fun, there's some classics that I haven't heard in a long while (Trainspotters - High Rise being one of them). I've been posting some obscure seven inchers over the last few years that just happens to coincide today with Junked Up Judy. Come and have a look


Bhagpuss said...

The Trainspotters High Rise is actually Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, which should be enough to put anyone off, although it is a good tune. Apparently the band doing the heavy lifting behind Read is the Stadium Dogs.

Of the rest, Warm Jets were moderately well-known with two ex-members of Cockney Rebel in the line-up and Notsensibles had an indie hit with "I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher" that might still get a nod of recognition in some quarters. The rest of the names look pretty unfamiliar, though.

spavid said...

Thanks for the comments and info folks. Nice blog AJ. Will link soon.

Beyes said...

This is practically Chanukah-worthy! thank you.

Cobber67 said...

Wow, really hits the ground running with that Acme Attractions tune. Great stuff.

Josef Kloiber said...

Thanks for this obscure !

D said...

New / old discoveries are always a treasure.
Will you be getting all 6 volumes?
thanks for these.
- D

d.ross said...

Not that I am ungrateful, I really appreciate learning of these, but 192kbps is killing me on top of the already dubious sound.
Not even for sale on discogs...