Friday, March 30, 2018

Go Four 3 - Six Friends (1987, Zulu)

I can't tell you much about this bygone Vancouver, BC troupe of four: one girl (Roxanne Heichert) and three gents, because info is pretty scant on them, web-wise.  All sorts of pop/rock angles abound here, but there's a pronounced left-of-the-dial bent to Go Four 3.  Maybe a hint of Let's Active or Bangles here and again, albeit with crunchier riffs that wouldn't be far removed from a Cult or early U2 record.  Very little of that patented '80s studio schlock is represented on Six Friends, which is precisely the way I like it.  They must have read my mind.  Their take on The Passions "Africa Mine" is a none-too obvious cover, and drops some serious hints as to where GF3's collective heads were at the time.   An ep from 1985 preceded this that I believe I'll have to get my mitts on.

01. This Time
02. Save Me
03. Kaleidoscopes
04. Colour of Money
05. Right From Wrong
06. Round at Number One
07. One Step Behind
08. Rope
09. Someone
10. Africa Mine
11. Seventh Dream
12. Another World


tanktop said...

Thanks a lot!
Used to own this and thought I'd never find it again.
Your write-up and take on their sound resonated perfectly with me.
Good job! Super blog:)

spavid said...

Thanks tanktop. Appreciate it.

Unknown said...

We later went on to become Thrill Squad, and then after that The Irises.

Thank you for your kind words. We were a mix between Sixties girl groups, The Buzzcocks, and The Rezillos.

tanktop said...

Hi spavid; hello there, Stephen:)
So good to touch base here under the auspices of Wilfully Obscure.
'Course, on hearing the Irises, you guys should reverse that trend and be openly famous!

Wow, have you even aged? Lol:))
Yes -- can still hear the sounds which inspired you, and should've known The Buzzcocks were in the mix!
Gotta tell you, have always been proud to be a fellow Canuck, and you've inspired me in my own song craft along the way too, Stephen.
Oh my, you and Roxanne create sound and songs a little raw, always refreshing and disarming. Could be in part a Canuck quirk?
Would love to hear Blondie's "Sunday Girl" in a radio bracket with The Irises' "Lo-Fi Girl."
We need Power Pop more than ever in this world, and I just want to say bless you guys and love you!
And spavid; thanks for hosting and sharing all the great-tasting and energetic music in your very special spot:)

spavid said...

Thanks Stephen! You pretty much nail it, and nice taste in art too. Glad you didn't object to me sharing the record.

Malaspina said...

I have the original vinyl.Thanks for the digital version.Brings back memories.Thanks to Stephen for the music.

Team Awesome said...

Not to be a nag but is there any chance of a re-up as the link has expired? Also the first ep is available here: