Sunday, July 5, 2020

In the Exorcist baby, you were really insane...

In 2008 this long-running combo released a live DVD, bundled with a makeshift best-of collection.  It was only available as a Spanish import.  I'm sharing the best-of (minus the DVD), although many of you might have these guys down pat already.  Please say I'm not insulting your intelligence!  This one is for the uninitiated. 

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DiggityDawg said...

I just literally got this package in the mail last week. And I went to load it into my PC & listening device, but it wouldn't load into the PC. "Well, that sucks" I thought. So imagine my surprise when I saw it here! Only one problem...for some reason, I was under the impression that the CD was live as well. After downloading, I realize it's NOT. And I already have all the songs on their original albums. Literally nobody's fault - well, mine I guess for misreading at some point. Long story short ( too late, I know ), at least I have the DVD!

That was a real Batman The Ride of a post, huh?