Friday, July 3, 2020

Action Kit - Here Comes the Wolf Tone (2006, Jump Cut)

"Cold cases" are par for the course for a lot of '80s presentations I offer you, and to a certain extent even records from the Clinton-era...but 2006?  To their credit, Action Kit did have a legit website to call their own - not that it's online anymore.  Furthermore a cursory Google query brings up not a single mention of their CD Here Comes the Wolf Tone.  In fact I can't give you an accurate guesstimate of where they operated out of, but externalities , because I admire the tunes.  This "Kit" consisted of three pieces- two women and one gent, with most of the vocal responsibilities being conveyed by Holly Lipper.  There are vague sonic parallels to the Spinanes and Versus, but Action Kit aren't exactly a '90s throwback.  Specializing in subtle tones, lucid keyboard fills, some mild mathy syncopation's and warm but serious predilections, their's was an artful craft - one that maneuvers it's way in slowly and carefully.  If it's immediacy or discernible pop anthems you're seeking you're advised to gird your proverbial loins, because while ...Wolf Tone never quite bops you over the head, it's very much an acquired taste worth acquiring.

01. Psychic Kicks
02. Near the Surface
03. Forensic Twist
04. Cavefish
05. Like Pushing Waves
06. Hansa Clipper
07. My Hagiography
08. Panning Mine
09. Pacific Time
10. Balloons for Mel
11. Fair Game

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