Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Darling Buds - Hit the Ground ep (1989)

Was going through a batch of 10"s recently and was reminded that I bought this a good 25 years ago at Amoeba in Berkley when that store was in it's relative infancy.  Anyway, the Darling Buds.  One of those situations where I own all of their albums, but don't quite consider myself a "super fan."   I hopped on board for their second album, Crawdaddy, and soon backtracked to their debut, Pop Said, which is the album this EP was contemporary to.  Given the Bud's penchant for saccharine female vocals and guitar crunch, I often spoke of them and The Primitives in the same breath (further encouraged by the fact they both hailed from the UK). Still enjoy these tunes as much as I did when I first encountered them.  Here we get one of their more notable signature tunes, "Hit the Ground," a buzzy and energetic non-LP b-side, "Pretty Girl." plus two relatively raw and unbridled live tunes on the flip side.  All in all about a dozen minutes total with nary a second wasted.  Enjoy.

01. Hit the Ground
02. Pretty Girl
03. You've Got to Choose (live)
04. When it Feels Good (live)


Andrew Christopher said...

Very nice. Thank you!

Todd said...

They just put out a new version of "Isolation" this past week, for free!