Sunday, May 31, 2020

Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled the Live Album (1992, Big Life)

Had a request for this one. Since I really exhausted myself the other night with my Wire feature, I thought I'd take it easy and let this one sell itself.  A solid live record from Britain's Mega City Four tracked on their Sebastopol Road tour in '92.  For the unacquainted, MC4 were an intoxicating mix of early Wonder Stuff and Husker Du, the latter of whom they cover here.

01. Who Cares
02. Finish
03. Thanx
04. Shivering Sand
05. Props
06. Messenger
07. Stop
08. Revolution
09. Words That Say
10. Callous
11. Lipscar
12. Peripheral
13. Clown
14. Open
15. What You've Got
16. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely


Michael Reed said...

Have it on CD. Love it! Such a great, overlooked band!
RIP Wiz.

jgmoney said...

Yes, I totally overlooked this band. Thanks.