Friday, January 25, 2013

Second Childhood - Figure Skating mLP (1986, Boat)

After a tumultuous week here at Wilfully Obscure, I thought I'd pull out a record that typifies the ol' left-off-the-dial aesthetic of these beleaguered pages.  Second Childhood were native to Oshkosh (B'gosh!), WI, and coincidentally had their record minted on Boat Records, the same label that brought us the Spooner single I shared yesterday.  Without any familiarity of this quartet, save for the sleeve and the Boat Records pedigree, I took a chance on Figure Skating and by and large got what I was expecting.  Falling somewhere between the nuanced lilt of Orange Juice, and the more streamlined persuasion of 415 Records all-stars Wire Train and Red Rockers, Second Childhood should have been college radio fixtures during their era.  Locally, perhaps they were, but outside of this brief online mention, zilch.  A pity considering they had some excellent tunes, and a sharp, crisp recording to fortify them.  Enjoy.

01. Make Me An Offer I Can't Refuse
02. Smashing Mirrors
03. Secrets
04. Endure Me I Adore You
05. Levitation
06. She Sleeps Around
07. Dark at the End of the Tunnel

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GaragePunk66 said...

Hot Damn! I remember (okay kinda might of have been in a haze) seeing these cats play locally a time or two. Haven't thought of this record in literally decades. I may just have to DL and relive the days. Thanks.