Friday, October 20, 2017

Trikona Frame - tape (1986)

You might say I'm sharing this partly for superficial reasons.  I have some rather lofty stacks of cassettes on my dresser, and this one has been sitting in the midst of one of those piles for several years, having gone largely unlistened to.  Well, I finally got tired of staring at it every day and decided to digitize it, file it away in a shoebox...and of course, offer it to you.  I believe I bought this one in a lot of demo tapes, and in fact had no familiarity with this band prior.  Trikona Frame were a female-fronted quintet who ostensibly called Akron, OH home.  No pertinent info is available on them in the digital realm, and they strike me as a classic "cold case." both their moniker and cassette sleeve fascinate me to no end.  The music enshrined within, not so much, but still considerably unique.  These Buckeye co-eds have a roots rock fervor to them, flirting with rockabilly on occasion.  The singer (whose full name isn't disclosed) exudes a quasi-performance art tact.  Think the Waitresses' with less charm and halfway-there hooks.  "Waterfall" is the closest they delve into conventional 'wave,' and frankly, I could have gone for more of this particular mode, but what we get is what we get.  Make of Trikona Frame what you will.

01. White Fish
02. Cowboy
03. Turn 13
04. Nice Weather
05. Pavanese
06. Waterfall
07. Pretty Feet

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