Saturday, October 7, 2017

Liquor Giants - Every Other Day at a Time (1998, Matador)

I've previously featured the Liquor Giants second album, the splendid Here on these pages before, but have been hesitant to post anything from their later catalog, as it was still available digitally.  For whatever the reason that's no longer the case with their two Matador Records LPs, Liquor Giants (1996) and the record that followed two years later, which is what you're looking at/hearing now.  LG golden throat and prime-mover Ward Dotson was an alum of the Gun Club, a critically acclaimed Los Angeles outfit who's pastiche was significantly derived from the blues and rockabilly.  Their debut, Fire of Love comes recommended from yours truly, but I'm digressing here.  Ward's proverbial Liquor cabinet wasn't stocked with boozy roots rock, so much as straight-up guitar pop that often fell somewhere between Tom Petty (yep, that guy again) and Wilco.  The self titled third album never sank in with me, but the Liquor Giants found themselves right back in their melodic groove on Every Other Day..., featuring many a prizewinner like "Dearest Darling," "Caroline," and "Kentucky Lounge."  If not an out-an-out classic this one's a sheer pleaser, and the closest they would venture to achieving their utmost potential.  Though several minutes long, track fifteen was an entirely blank placeholder, and thus I omitted it.  The remainder consists of a sharp reading of the Move's "Fire Brigade," while the unidentifiable concluding track strikes me as being another cover, though I'm stumped at what it's title is.  Feel free to chime in. 

01. It's Raining Butterflies
02. Beautiful Flo 
03. What's the new Mofo?
04. Dearest Darling
05. Kentucky Darling
06. I'll Never Mind
07. Medicine Ball Games
08. Multicoloured Hipsnake
09. Meaningless
10. It Only Hurts When I Smile
11. Riverdale High
12. Caroline
13. I Know I'm Wrong
14. Summer School
16. Fire Brigade
17. title unknown


lucky said...


The unknown song is "I Don't Know Why" by an obscure Christian band called Sons of Thunder.

Evidently the Sons did not thunder loudly enough to be remembered.

I find it interesting that you were not impressed with the st album, I played the hell out of that one summer and I guess it is still my favorite, maybe because I listened to it so many times.

Rob M said...

I have a promo CD of this album which has another dozen covers at the end, the two mentioned here plus "Boys keep swinging", "Things I'd like to say", "Stay awhile" and "Tallyman". Will have to dig it out.

Popguy said...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this cool album. Ward Dotson is an interesting character, wish he would have done more. I would really like to hear the extra tracks Rob M mentioned. please post if you can, Thanks again.

spavid said...

Thanks lucky. I think some/all of the covers you mentioned in your comments Rob were eventually made available on this release:

Rob M said...

Here's the promo CD.

Rampage said...
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spavid said...

Thanks Rob.

Popguy said...

Thanks for the promo. spavid's correct, about half the trax made it on Something-Special-For-The-Kids. Cool to hear the rest!

Rob-in-Brevard said...


a 2-for-1 thing

(you don't need to post this; I just thought you'd want to know)