Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ten Tall Men - Nickelbrain ep (1986)

This bygone Berkeley, CA unit bears no shortage of affinity for the Minutemen and Gang of Four's brand of skittish, post-punk.  I'd like to say Ten Tall Men (truthfully, a much more scaled down trio of questionable height) bear an innovative streak a mile wide, but sadly, that would be a stretch.  At the very least, Nickelbrain offers six, two and a half minute bursts of angular persuasion with challenging syncopation, and occasionally even a sprinkling of catchiness to boot.

01. Nowhere but Down
02. Nickelbrain
03. Hit the Road
04. What Are Friends For?
05. Your Time Will Come
06. We All Want Just What We Can't Have


Shea Roney said...

Featuring Elliot Jordan of Peet's Coffee and Tea (He has been the Tea buyer for a long time).

Patrick Beard said...

Elliot and were roommates on College Avenue. I still have the album sticker on my skateboard.

Peter Johnstone said...

Then she walks her little dog