Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Falling Wallendas - s/t (1995, IMI)

Ever run a genre search on Ebay?  A query for "power pop" brought this one up week after week, until I finally relented and found an inexpensive copy on Amazon.  As it would turn out, the cleverly monikered Falling Wallendas were not true-blue adherents to the form, but they slotted in perfectly well on the more credible end of the alt-rock spectrum of their day.  You might discern trace elements of Jellyfish and the Judybats here and there, just nothing outright visionary.  My main beef with The Falling Wallendas is it's length, spanning no less than fifteen numbers when nine or ten would have sufficed.  You'll find your fair share of "better" tracks - "A Good Thing," "Dummy," and "The Adorable Horrible," but unfortunately a good number of lesser ones as well. 

01. A Good Thing
02. The Adorable Horrible
03. hyde & Seek
04. Monkey's Uncle
05. Mitchell Cooper
06. Hanging
07. Venus Kicked the Stars
08. Backwards Going
09. My Big Brain
10. Damn Spot
11. Sleeping Beauty
12. What Ever Happended to Jenny Fountain
13. Dummy
14. Lion on the Lamb
15. Agatha


fantomas said...
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fantomas said...

The quality of this recording its outstanding. I'm just listing to this in my headphones.Smashing Pumpkins and Shudder to Think comes to mind.