Thursday, January 5, 2017

Didjits - Signifies My Go-T tape (1986). R.I.P. Doug Evans

Word went around New Year's Eve that Didjit's bassist Doug Evans passed away at the age of 53.  Evans constituted one third of the Champaign by-way-of Mattoon, IL's punk-n-roll legends, whose penchant was sardonic yet nothing short of euphoric.   The Rick Simms-led combo tapped out in the mid-90s on the heels of their 1993 LP, Que Sirhan SirhanTouch & Go Records has kept the band's five albums and one ep in print (if only in the cloud), but prior to their debut, Fizzjob, the Didjits christened their high-octane enterprise with a series of demo tapes, one of which I'm making available here. On these nascent 1986 recordings the barnstorming trio have all their bricks
in a row, with the mortar to follow in a few years time on exponentially more sophisticated platters like Hey Judestar and Hornet PinataSignifies My Go-T is but one of three early cassettes included in the Didjits Wikipedia discography, original copies of which must be rarer than hens teeth.

A Gofundme donation til has been established to help defray Doug Evans end of life expenses.  You can read more about the Didjits here.  The link for their semi-offical live album, Backstage Passout has been revived as well.

01. Jerry Lee
02. Stumpo Knee Grinder
03. Shavehead Monkey Duster
04. One Dead Hippy
05. Signifies My Go-T
06. Jumbo Macho Big
07. See My Scar
08. Pet Funeral
09. (Ridin Your) Train
10. Fix Some Food Bitch
11. Do Smiles Give You Away
12. What Gives You the Right

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