Saturday, January 28, 2017

Flesh for Lulu - s/t + singles (1984)

Even when Flesh for Lulu arguably peaked in 1987 (circa Long Live the New Flesh) they were regarded as little more than a post-new romantic flash in the pan (at least in my side of the Atlantic).  By the time lead-lulu Nick Marsh succumbed to cancer in the spring of 2015, his band barely qualified as a footnote, with the majority of the FFL catalog woefully languishing out of print.  Their big (and perhaps only) break arrived with the inclusion of the bittersweet "I Go Crazy" inserted into the soundtrack to the coveted John Hughes flick Some Kind of Wonderful.  The equally bittersweet followup single "Postcards From Paradise" possessed a stronger hook than "Crazy," but was merely relegated to cult classic status. 

Unlike much of their '80s ilk, FFL, did not in fact peak on their debut.  Flesh for Lulu isn't particularly deep or inventive, and even resorts to incorporating less-than-necessary female backup vocals.  Nonetheless, I have to pay homage to some of their better ideas, namely the nervy "Subterraneans" and "So Strong."  Think a vaguely less cerebral Psych Furs and you'll get the gist of what they had to offer in 1984.  Props to the individual who digitized this record, and for tacking on an ep's worth of singles and such.

01. Restless
02. Dog Dog Dog
03. Hyena
04. Coming Down
05. Jigsaw Puzzle
06. Subterraneans
07. Brainburst
08. Peace and Love
09. So Strong
10. Heavy Angel

non-LP singles and b-sides
11. Coming Down (alt vers)
12. Lame Train
13. The Power of Suggestion
14. Why Me?
15. Gurl at the Bar


Patrick said...

hi do you have a copy of Thats the hot part from the braves? I've been looking for this record since I lost my copy.

pogo said...

bought this record when was issued and always think it was there best. Thanks as by time i sold my copy and others I had, also. Fred