Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Million Pieces 7" (1990, Phantom)

Aussie import time again, from a band I can find not a shred of info about, save for a Discogs entry.  "Deep Dark Hole" is a taught, bouncy riff-rocker in the vein of 2X4-era Guadalcanal Diary.  I kinda like the chorus harmonies on this one.  The sobering rumination of the flip-side, "I Think I'll Take My Life Tonight" strikes a decidedly bleaker tone to say the least.  Not as intense as say, "The Ledge" by the 'Mats, but in that same arena.  Per the above link, One Million Pieces had two other singles to their credit. 

A. Deep Dark Hole
B. I Think I'll Take My Life Tonight


Lucas Gelati said...

Apparently, in 1999 they released a discography CD called "Smother Mary" or something like that:
But can't find anything else by them on the internet.
Thanks for sharing! :)

spavid said...

Thanks Lucas!