Friday, November 22, 2019

Velo-Deluxe - House of Sin Recordings (unreleased, 199?)

Despite featuring ex-Blake Baby/Antenna John Strohm as part of Velo-Deluxe's three piece lineup in the mid-90s, the band barely caught any traction despite a more than respectable 1994 debut album, Superelastic, and a bevy of surrounding singles.  I point an angry finger at myself as much as anyone regarding this dilemma, as I was a DJ at a college radio outlet around Velo-Deluxe's existence, and even I only managed one or two spins at best from that aforementioned disc.  Simply put, these guys couldn't compete with the Pavements and Green Days of the world, albeit they were still something of a treat.  Nothing too incendiary about this bunch, who stuck to a guitar-driven aesthetic that slid squarely between the alt/indie rock realms.  The House of Sin recordings were tracked at a facility of the same name, presumably near the band's stomping grounds of Bloomington, IN at some point after Superelastic.  We get nervy, distorto-ridden bashers like "Novocaine Novocaine" and "Bothering the Clown" that are countered by comparatively less tense "Dusted" and the heartfelt acoustic "The Ballad of Lobster Boy," which was apparently released as a single in '95, though I'm unaware of the version in this set is the one that made it to vinyl.  Enjoy.

01. Dusted
02. Novocaine Novocaine
03. Fork
04. Bothering the Clown
05. Shiver
06. Jesus Let Me In
07. The Ballad Of Lobster Boy

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Aaron Veenstra said...

Just getting around to listening to this, and "Dusted" is "On" from God Bless the Blake Babies but with different lyrics and a longer arrangement. Wow! Great stuff.