Monday, November 11, 2019

Daddy don't hit me, I'm doing the best I can.

25th anniversary of this one.  A lot of you might find this to be a bit on the simplistic side, but it was and still one of my go-to albums of the '90s.  I also tacked on a gem from later in this band's career.  Enjoy.

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mercvrial said...

I got to this blog because I googled "Not Shakespeare." I mean, good lord...

General comment... this is one of the strangest music blogs I've come across. That's a high compliment, as so many of these blogs are steaming turds. The obscure - there it is - nature of the stuff you've covered (and continue to cover) - and the breadth of such obscurity - is mindboggling. (Not Shakespeare!?) And the thoughtfulness of the prose... it's rare.

Anyhow, I used to live in Richmond VA and see that you've written about a number of bands that I was involved with in some way or another (either played in or released a record or knew band members or whatnot) decades back, so it's like a walk down some bizarro memory lane. And now I have to comment... ha!

Anyhow, thanks for this. Really enjoyable. This is going to be a real time suck.

spavid said...

Glad you approve mercival. Wilfully Obscure IS a bizarro not to mention idiosyncratic memory lane, one that has a number of potholes I might add. If you're new to the site be advised that many of the download links have expired, so if there's a broken link or two you need me to revive please give me a shout out. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Ajay thakur