Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Melinite - Push the Button and Run! (1983, Noose)

Melinite was the brainchild of a Canadian gentleman who evidently went on a last name-basis only, MacDonald, who was backed up by no less than a dozen players according to the credits (obviously not all twelve simultaneously).  Side one of Push the Button... sports some defiantly punk salvos via the urgent "Who Needs Foreplay?" and "Waiting 4-U," angling in the vicinity of the Heartbreakers and The Dolls, sans the glammy posturing.  The ambitious "My Anna of Discretion" offers a more up to date modus operandi with poignant melody and classy playing a la Tom Verlaine.  Probably this record's most convincing moment among several.  The remainder of Push... isn't as focused, albeit artful, concluding with two strikingly quieter numbers, most notably "For Now" an insular, downer piano ballad reminding me of the stuff Epic Soundtracks churned out on those solo albums of his.  All in all a unique and sometimes head-scratching record.

01. Who Needs Foreplay?
02. When You Turn Again
03. My Anna of Discretion
04. Waiting 4-U
05. Trouble in Sector 17
06. Another Attempt
07. Seasoning
08. A Daydream Dilemma
09. For Now


MacIain said...

I'm the guilty MacDonald in question. Full name is MacIain MacDonald. Push the button was actually a compilation of tracks recorded between 1977 and 1983. As much thanks has to go to Don Cook, who gave us any semblance of musical discipline. It is gratifying seeing a positive review after all these years. Even more amazing is seeing sales still trickle in. I went on to record two solo albums under my full name, which are even more obscure if that's possible. It was a most excellent way to waste ones' youth, and oh what a day it was. All my love to those who were there across the time and miles.

Unknown said...

Great reply

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