Friday, April 19, 2019

Droogs - Stone Cold World (1984, Plug-n-Socket)

Sorry it took so long to get some new tunes to you this week!  So here we have the Droogs, a long misbegotten L.A. quartet who seemed to have a robust cult following at the time.  On this Earle Mankey-produced full length, the foursome in question are more sophisticated than your average bar rock set, and boasted more versatility than your garden variety garage toilers.  In a nutshell, the Droogs were a cut above average, albeit not always distinctive. The band's penchant was nervy, but linear enough to have translated to pedestrian ears, specifically on the title cut and the rugged "Change is Gonna Come."  "Mr. Right" takes on the world's power brokers, "From Another Side" is a brisk banger with some spicy guitar leads, and the Droogs even take on the Sonics classic "He's Waiting," (though truthfully I had more fun with the Fastbacks versions).  I apologize in advance for all the vinyl noise, especially on side one.

01. Change is Gonna Come
02. Set My Love on You
03. For the Remaining Days
04. Stone Cold World
05. Mr. Right
06. From Another Side
07. He's Waiting (live NYC)
08. The Only Game in Town


Jim H. said...

Thanks!! I have a bunch of other Droogs stuff, but I always thought they were good, but not great...there was that certain 'something' missing, that, say, The Plmsouls had, in a similar vein.......

Unknown said...

I really like most of The Droogs' other work, but this is one I dearly love. At only 8 short songs, this one always felt like more than an EP and less than an LP, but however you slice it, Stone Cold World is a stone cold classic that deserves a lot more respect.