Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Big Wheel - East End (1989, Giant)

After Louisville, KY punk wunderkinds Squirrel Bait split in the late '80s, throaty vocal sorcerer Peter Searcy invested his efforts into the demonstrably more lucid Big Wheel.  The quartet subscribed to a comparatively standard rock n rule schematic, occasionally spiked with the slightly frenetic tincture of S/B...just don’t get your hopes up if you're pining for another Skag Heaven.  Frankly, Big Wheel were innocuous riff-brokers, but if you’re taken with Searcy’s singular timbre, the band infuse just enough groove into the proceedings to keep things afloat.  I'm not sure what's up with them titling a song "Metallica" that has absolutely no relevance to the band (though I have to admit, it shreds harder than anything else on here).  Bit of a head scratcher I suppose.  East End was followed up by two more Big Wheel volumes, Holiday Manor and Slowtown.

01. Bang, Bang, Bang
02. Model Home
03. Times You Need to Think
04. Big legged Woman
05. Erect Song
06. Time of Your Life
07. Sound so Familiar
08. Body and Soul
09. Billboard Song
10. Half of Everything
11. Spanish Salsa
12. Metallica


Unknown said...

writing in to offer my gratitude, not only for the tasteful morsels offered here but also your prose and wit. i'm very happy to have found Wilfully Obscure and have been imbibing hundreds of bottles of nectar here for a few years now. feeling rather rude of me to just take and take, without even saying thank you. thus here's how we offer our thanks in these parts; Terima Kasih!

spavid said...

Thanks Termia. I'm here for the giving, you're there for the taking, so it's all good.

gela said...

Talking about Big Wheel:
In the late sixties this group (from The Hague) with the same name did a nice rendition of the Creation's If I Stay Too Long. One or two ex-members of famous Dutch band Q'65 were involved, if my memories don't fool me:

Three Q'65 classics::


Jim Choplick said...

Terima Kasih is not a person spavid. It's how you give thanks in Malaysian.

spavid said...

OMG. My apologies! Guess you've got another ignorant American on you hands.

Bob said...

Man, have at vinyl test pressing of this album somewhere around the house....

Bob said...

" I'm not sure what's up with them titling a song "Metallica" "
I think that was a temp title and they never came up with a better one.

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks so much for this! I know they did a reunion show a couple years back and had some kind of rarities/live CD for sale. Don't think I will ever get my hands on that one!

jwhazel said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Been trying to track down BW albums for quite some time, only one more to go. I have some of Searcys later stuff from the band Starbilly (mid 90's) if you're interested. More post-grunge than BW, but still with that characteristic Searcy vocal melody.

Bob said...

jwhazel, which one are you missing?

jwhazel said...

Missing Slow Town. I actually met peter a few times and he gave me the starbilly stuff but didn't have any big wheel stuff on hand. Have checked B&ME here and town and no luck either.

Bob said...

Are you in Louisville? Try The Great Escape or maybe Better Days on Bardstown. I'll keep an eye open!