Saturday, March 11, 2017

Arctic Circles - Time ep (1986, Mr. Spaceman)

The title of this record involves something I'm well short of these days, but I digress.  I have no relevant info to offer on the Arctic Circles, a bygone Aussie psych/garage band.  Nothing here particularly shakes me up, but superficially, you'll encounter ample Hammond organ.  At times, these guys strike me as a more serious variation on say, Inspiral Carpets.  Make of the Arctic Circles what you will.

01. Time
02. W.A.S.P.
03. My Window
04. Celina
05. Taste


Ian McLeish said...

I saw Arctic Circles play a couple of times back in '85-86. Their best known song was "Angel" which was released as a single late in '85. Mr Spaceman was also the home of the Cosmic Psychos, Pray TV, Seminal Rats and The Puritans among others. The Australian music scene was host to a huge amount of great live bands from that era. Many of them only released a single or an E.P., some may have had a song on a label compilation and many unfortunately, remained unrecorded.

spavid said...

Thanks Ian. Had no prior info on these folks. Pray TV. That's a name I haven't heard conjured up in awhile. Under-recorded/Unrecorded is always a pity, especially from such a fertile time (and place)for music.

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