Thursday, August 18, 2016

Woodpecker - Bowl of Water ep (1988, Paris, New York, Milan)

Woodpecker is/was the province of one Anthony Overtoom, whose larynx amounts to a vague medley of Bob Dylan and Grant Hart, however this three-cut 12" is way more Basement Tapes than Zen Arcade.  The title cut is a driving, bass-trombone enhanced rocker (for lack of a better word) that bears no shortage of rootsy sway and character for miles.  The flip-sides "Pieces" and "O Marie" steer things in a less fevered direction, revealing the other side of Overtoom's proverbial coin.  If anyone is interested, I have a subsequent Woodpecker ep to share as well.  Thanks to Discogs for the pic, substituting for my copy's somewhat blemished visage.

A. Bowl of Water
B1. Pieces
B2. O Marie


Bryan said...

Oh, boy am I interested. I have the Woodpecker CD, Band The Drum Hardly (which according to Discogs does not exist) with "Bowl Of Water" and "O Marie" (but not "Pieces") on it. All the other stuff Discogs does acknowledge seems to be entirely non-album material. So that would be wonderful.

spavid said...

Thanks. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled.