Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wire Train - live San Francisco, Oct. 1982

It looks like I won't be posting any new music until tomorrow, but to tide you over I thought I'd share this.  A couple days ago I was tipped off to a vintage Wire Train live show that recently surfaced.  It's from 1982 San Fran gig, and if it's not one of the earliest Wire Train performances, it's the first WT show ever.  A few notes:

Its a soundboard tape, and its good quality; 8 tracks, 4 you'll recognise and 4 where I've guessed the titles. This is *possibly* their first ever live show - after the 3rd track Kevin says "This is the first time we've played in front of people, if you could clap that'd make us happy". The songs aren't as polished as they became by 1983/84.

Track list and FLAC/MP3 links are as follows.  Just FYI I'm not hosting the files, but the links should work indefinitely.

01. We Could Call It
02. Over and Over
03. Return to Me
04. I Gotta Go
05. In a Plane
06. Life
07. Everything Is Turning Up Down Again
08. Chamber of Hellos



Jim H. said...

Awesome! I think the earliest Wire Train song i heard was on an old 415 Records promo disc of other label stuff like Translator, Pop-O-Pies, etc.......i think the song was called "Recognition" and it was definitely not as polished as the LP to come was.....

eric said...

Thanks for the FLAC option. However, after a few days of trying to download the file, I still can't figure out what's happening with it. The download doesn't show up in my Firefox download manager, but has a progress bar on the Mega page, where it "appears" to be downloading until it reaches 99%, then it says "decrypting." After than, nothing. I can't tell where on my PC the file has been saved, or if it was downloaded at all. It's not in my Downloads folder, nor on my desktop, or in any other place I've looked in Program Files, Temp, etc. I've searched for an answer, but can't find anything that's turned out to be correct. The only option on the page is to save to a Cloud Drive, but when I click that I'm asked to register for an account. Do I need to have a paid or free account to download and save Mega files? Or am I missing something?

Earthdog70 said...

Thank you so much for posting anything Wire Train. How about some Icicle Works next to keep the 80's theme rolling?

Prakash Raghav said...

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David said...

This is great - one of my favorite bankds! Had not heard the 4 tracks that did not make it to their first album.

Anonymous said...

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