Sunday, January 3, 2016

The future’s uncertain and bleak.

The past week has been all things Lemmy, at least in my particular sphere.  While Motörhead won't be making it on to these pages anytime soon, I have been inspired to revisit a pair or albums from an unrelated band who owe a rather intense debt to the Vampire of the Sunset Strip.  How does 32 songs in the space of 39 minutes grab ya?  Strap in - you'll thank me at the end of the ride.

RIP Mr. Kilmister.



P Albert said...

Happy new year, Mr. Wilfull. Thanks in advance for another year of mind-roasting melody and ball-basting beats.

jonder said...

Never heard of these guys, but I am loving this!

spavid said...

How could anyone not love this?