Thursday, January 21, 2016

Big Tube Squeezer - I Have A Thing For Love (1989, Candy From a Stranger)

Granted I got this one gratis (thanks to a sadly defunct sharity blog I used to visit) but I can't help being a little flummoxed with Big Tube Squeezer.  On this Jack Endino-produced effort, the band commence I Have a Thing for Love with a couple of genuinely promising numbers ("Black Velvet" and "Rain") oozing the same sort of frenetic moxie as contemporaries fIREHOSE, Nice Strong Arm and Vomit Launch. I thought I was in for a while record's worth of nimble fretwork and subtle hooks and such, but the good ship BTS looses steam almost immediately thereafter, indulging in inconsequential and sometimes corny jams - just the kind of offbeat frivolities their namesake would suggest.  There's a Fugs cover ("Couldn't Get High") and a bastardization of a Lou Reed classic.  The guys sorta recover their momentum on "Lamp of Life," but by then the record is finito.  You can check out the Big Tube's rendition of "Sweet Jane" on YouTube.  Thanks to whomever ripped and edited this wax.

01. Black Velvet
02. Rain
03. The Fire
04. Dreams of My Love
05. Ball and Chain
06. Bill
07. Couldn't Get High
08. Mother (For Yours)
09. Walk On The Suicide
10. Feelin Eye Dog
11. Lamp Of Life

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