Friday, June 28, 2013

Big View "August Grass" 7" (1982, Point)

In case you're wondering, it was the sleeve that sold me on this one, nondescript as it might appear to the average beholder.  If England's Big View have any claim to fame, it would be the inclusion of two expatriates from the Thompson Twins, Peter Dodd and John Roog to be specific.  While they're credited with "instruments" it's female mouthpiece T. who rules the Big View roost, but she does so casually.  The results total up to two slices of polite yet edgy wave-pop conveyed via a delivery system that strikes me as a tad too economical for the genre.  I love the tunes, but the above might explain why the TT/Duran set failed to gravitate in the direction of this trio.

A. August Grass
B. Confess


Bryan said...

Reminds me of something you posted a few years ago: Three Hits.

Everyone should go get their "Pressure Dome" single if they haven't already and it's still up and/or been reupped.

spavid said...

Yeah, it reminds me vaguely of Three Hits. Got that reissue on RSD.