Monday, December 20, 2010

Hidden Charms - History (1986, Volume)

The Hidden Charms were a Swedish band on a Spanish label who ultimately wound up sounding like a bunch of yanks.  And what yanks in particular you might ask?  Maybe a little bit of Beauty and Sadness-era Smithereens, with a healthy dollop of Nuggets style pizazz for good measure.  At least that's how the first side of History plays out.  The other side of this wax commences with a slick but sturdy rendering of the Ramones "I Just Want to Have Something to Do," that doesn't particularly detract from or flatter the original.  The remainder of History is predominantly seeped in ballads, but respectable ones at that.  I wasn't able to unearth anything relevant to the Hidden Charms, other than the fact that there's at least one other outfit that have since usurped the band's moniker. 

01. (We Can't) Stand It
02. Why Worry 'Bout Tomorrow
03. History
04. Crying Heart
05. The 1986 So What Blues
06. I Just Want to Have Something to Do
07. We Got it All Wrong
08. Paradise
09. Moonlight Night
10. The P.S. Waltz

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