Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Splitting the Difference # 36 - Jimmy Eat World/Emery 7" (1995, Ordinary)

It would be no exaggeration to say that I've been on a huge Jimmy Eat World kick lately (not that a lot of you would necessarily care, or in any small way be affected by that, but I digress). The vast majority of their catalog is still in print, and while I could easily go into specifics about my albums of choice by the Mesa, AZ boys done good, I'll focus on this very scarce split single. "Better Than Oh" was recorded as a demo for the band's second album, the pre-stardom Static Prevails. At this phase in their career, the group was splitting the vocals between Jim Adkins (the one who sings all the MTV hits) and Tom Linton, who still resides in the Jimmy Eat World lineup. I'm pretty positive this track has Linton's vocal prints on it, as he possesses quite a distinctive bellow from Adkins. Besides it's appearance on this wax, "Better Than Oh" may have been included on the Japanese version of the combo's quite essential Singles collection, but that incarnation of the album has long been unavailable. BTW, if it's Jimmy demos, rarities or live shows you're looking for, you'll do no better than heading over to vast trove archived at B-Sides "R" Us.

Emery, who I have little biographical info about, inhabited a place called Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Their spirited contribution here, the dissonant "Flesher," makes a convincing case for the band aspiring to the status of Drive Like Jehu proteges of sorts. I think these guys also have a 7" of their own that I have tucked away somewhere... 
A. Jimmy Eat World - Better Than Oh


Richard said...

I absolutely love Jimmy Eat World, so don't feel alone. If I had to choose 5 albums I could only hear for the rest of my life, "Clarity" would be one of them. Thanks for this super rare single.

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