Monday, August 3, 2009

Orange Glass - Interstellar Interstellar (1996, Squirtgun)

Even for hardcore aficionados of '90s maritime indie-rock, Interstellar, Interstellar by Moncton, New Brunswick's Orange Glass just may have slipped off your radar. If this trio seems to be seeped in the same distorto-laden, lo-fi sensibilities of say, Eric's Trip, it probably won't surprise you to learn that frontman Ron Bates was also a member of the post Eric's Trip project, Elevator to Hell. Possessing a keener pop awareness than Elevator, Orange Glass were more in league with The Hardship Post, and for that matter early Sloan. Though they recorded primarily from 1994-96, O/G were relatively prolific, pumping out three singles, three CDs and a couple of tapes. On Interstellar, they were paired down to a duo with Chris Flanagan manning the percussion, and Bates handling all else. "Knock Wood" finds Bates proudly peeling off Mascis-y squalls of unruly feedback, but it's where the hooks meet the fuzz on "Wait a Day," "Saturn and the Moon," and "Em Pulse," that will have you scrambling for the repeat button. For further listening enjoyment, you can partake in a hypothetical Orange Glass "mix tape," courtesy of Milquetoast Brigade.

01. Saturn and the Moon
02. Wait a Day
03. Nashville
04. Knock Wood
05. Cosmic Pilot
06. Calm, Cool
07. Flashing Yellow
08. Parkbench
09. Iscandar
10. Corner
11. Fate
12. Em Pulse
13. Are You in Love With Me/Interstellar 

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zzeitg said...

hi, thanks for this one.

Any chance for their second album "Underwater Underground"?