Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Jesus - a discography (1991-92)

Sometimes all the hours I spend each week scouring and trolling various music blogs, websites, and file sharing-type applications occasionally pays off in a big way. I met the long defunct British quartet Sweet Jesus on Slumberland Records' none-too-oft updated Track of the Week archive late last year. The song in question was "Sindy Makes Believe," one of the most delectable slices of the dream-pop pie ever to grace my palette. Though I was bummed to learn of the band's breakup, and a very slight catalog of eps and singles, I was nevertheless moved to excavate what little else was out there.
Having been present for the initial wave of '90s Britpop, Sweet Jesus weren't immune to their surroundings. Their most arresting moments (albeit a tad too succinct) like the aforementioned "Sindy" as well as "Oceanna," both residing on their penultimate ep, Real Babe, envelope the ears with blissed-out washes of tremelo, hoisting them on par with Chapterhouse, Ride and the like. They would repeat this sublime formula for the Phonefreak Baby ep, but their final record, Albino Ballerina, exuded a less-woozy penchant, a la period bands such as Adorable and even Blur.

For the final, and perhaps only word on Sweet Jesus (other than this), I hereby direct you to a phenomenal fan-site that contains just about everything you could want pertaining to the band, save for their music itself. Per the bio furnished within, Sweet Jesus eventually "mutated" into a band called Venus, that as for me, shall be a subject for further review.
debut 7" (Rough Trade)
01. Honey Loving Honey
02. Sisterfly
Phonefreak Honey ep (Rough Trade)
01. Phonefreak Honey
02. Peace
03. Baby BlueRough Trade
Real Babe ep (Rough Trade)
01. Real Babe
02. Sindy Makes Believe
03. Oceanna
Albino Ballerina ep (Chapter 22)
01. Albino Ballerina
02. Your Baby Loves Me
03. Your Baby Loves Me (Original Version)


cino_pacino said...

i like this band a lot!! thanx for the posts!!

morituri said...

you have no idea how happy this post makes me. this band floored me when i heard phonefreak honey in a compilation back in 92-93 and been looking for their music ever since. thank you so much!

Matt Pahl said...

i love this band - so unique amongst the other 'gazers and one of my faves of the genre

Matt Pahl said...

i love this band - so unique amongst the other 'gazers and one of my faves of the genre

spavid said...

The link has been updated.