Friday, April 17, 2009

Rayon City Quartet - Blue Suit and Tie (1999)

Like icons Big Star, Nashville's Rayon City Quartet play undiluted guitar pop as if country music had nary any effect on their collective home state of Tennessee. The Quartet made their way onto my radar via Not Lame Records praise for this album. Containing guitarist and former Black Crowe Jeff Cease in their lineup, the RCQ have strong inclinations to the likes of Greenberry Woods, Gin Blossoms, Barely Pink, and to a lesser degree, Toad the Wet Sprocket. Brandishing seamless precision and deftly crafted aplomb, the Quartet's modus operendi goes down easy as lemonade, without succumbing to any insipid trappings. I'm not sure if Blue Suit... is their debut, but from what I gather from their Myspace page, another RCQ album, Rock Star is III exists. According to one online source:

The band was a regional favorite headlining and opening for the likes of: Big Star, Smithereens, John Mayer, Jason and The Scorchers, Ben Folds, Marshall Crenshaw and Cheap Trick.

It's unclear if the Quartet is still active.
01. Wires and Numbers
02. Cool Again
03. Second Life
04. Lose a Little Skin
05. 32nd Avenue
06. Sidekick
07. Lover's Leap
08. West Coast Ways
09. Allison Part 2
10. I Could Never
11. Rose Colored Love 


Audities said...

Their song "Tight" was originally issued on Maki Kobayashi's (Lazy Cat) excellent compilation "What's Up Buttercup?" You can hear it on RCQ's myspace page.

steved8878 said...

Wow. I actually have this CD. Worked on a used car lot about 12 years ago and the drummer brought us our cleaning supplies. I have to listen to this now.