Monday, December 15, 2008

The No-Nos - Secret Luminaries (1997, Chromosome)

I rescued this CD from my college radio station's "reject" bin about ten years ago, and I'm pretty damn grateful that I did. The bio I've provided below mentions The No-No's boasting Tiger Trap and Halo Benders alumni in their roster, but the 11 cuts within are hardly twee (although occasionally cutesy). For that matter, they don't exude any riot grrrl angst either, which makes I suppose is logical considering half of the band (at the time of this recording anyway) was male. Sharp pop sensibilities are all over Secret Luminaries in a big way. Very consistent stuff, with the second song in, "New Species Anthem," really taking the cake. The No-Nos followed Luminaries up with a few more CDs before going bye-bye. As promised, the bio from Allmusic:
The No-Nos began in Portland Oregon in 1995 through the collaboration of former Tiger Trap vocalist Heather Dunn on drums and her friend Robin on vocals After recruiting guitarist Mike Clark and Halo Banders bassist Ralf Youtz the completed line-up was followed by a number of demos and weekend tours Ross Records released the groups debut single New Species Anthem in 1997 resulting in immediate Tiger Trap and Fastback comparisons The hybrid of indie-pop-punk continued in 1999 as the groups own Chromosome Records put out the album Secret Luminaries in January 1999 Dunn departed soon after its release to join the Bangs and Dub Narcotic Sound System The No-Nos continued on as Chromosome issued the 2000 EP Damage Done and the full-length Tinnitus in mid-2000

01. Jupiter Girl
02. New Species Anthem
03. Secret Luminaries
04. Pennies on the Tongue
05. The Softest Shoe
06. The Other
07. Diminishing Returns
08. Brusha Brusha
09. Goodbye Turpentine
10. Fancy Free
11. Pinesap


_space said...

i love this cd.... thanks

F.J. said...

Fantastic, forgotten band! Any chance you could repost this one...? If so, many, many thanks!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.