Monday, December 22, 2008

Beezewax - A Dozen Summits (1997, LaNuGo)

Although their second album, South of Boredom was my initial encounter with Beezewax, I found their debut, A Dozen Summits more endearing. That's why I decided to upload it first, and maybe South a little later. A Norwegian quartet, Beezewax don't quite subscribe to the more polished inclinations of their due-east neighbors over in Sweden, and they let you know it on ...Summits, an album laden with errant, but none-to-distracting shards of feedback and amp noise. More vivid is Beezewax's resemblance to The Posies, and perhaps the irony that this album was released on the heels of the demise of Bellingham, WA's finest. It's a lazy comparison, but a pretty damn accurate one. South of Boredom would actually wind up being produced by Posies prime-mover Ken Stringfellow himself, but I digress.

Teaming with soaring melodicism, as well as intense, post-adolescent emotion, A Dozen Summits exudes a cozy glow in the face of frequent J Mascis-reared guitar outbursts and a vigorous rhythm section. A start to finish beauty, with such highlights as "Miss Playin' Basketball" and "The Snooze Is On," that are liable to win you over just as fast as they did me.
01. The Snooze Is On
02. On The Floor
03. Kato's...
04. Take The Wheel
05. Miss Plain' Basketball
06. Cool You're Here
07. Favourite Me
08. Miracle Mile
09. Tear Stained Teen
10. Off Your Foot
11. Watch For Me
12. Leaving Tracks


A Will This Do Publication said...

Thanks for this album...I had never heard of them before. Your recommendation worked though..I am mplaying it now and it's amazing. I have just been onto emusic and they have an album there called Oh that one of theirs..I hope so, I've just downloaded it...

panzan said...

This makes me feel like i stepped into a time machine back to when I was twenty-something... in 1997. Good times then, and music moved me so much more than nowadays. Perhaps the best completely unknown band download I have ever found. Thanks!

André said...


cool to see this uploaded.
The label i run is actually releaseing a remastered reissue of this classic album later this year. It'll feature some unreleased bonus tracks and some nice linernotes.

I also recommend that you check out all other Beezewax album and their leadsinger kenneth ishak's solo albums.

Temocore said...

Hello, can you provide a working link for this? I love Beezewax. Thanks!

spavid said...

The link has been fixed.

Temocore said...

Thanks a lot!

Adam said...

Re-up possibly? If so, that would be awesome!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Adam said...


Ian McLeish said...

Thanks for the re-up. A very good album and I had not heard of them before. You are doing a great service for music fans worldwide. Keep on keeping on!!