Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness - I'm An Adult Now ep (1987)

I realize I'm probably not doing anyone a huge favor by uploading this, but what the hell. To know anything about the Toronto-based The Pursuit of Happiness is to know their classic Todd Rundgren-produced debut album Love Junk. Familiarity with TPOH's invariably horny lead-man, Moe Berg, doesn't hurt either.

All five TPOH albums are recommendable on their own merits, but Love Junk represents the band at it's most inspired, with thirteen feedback-laced power pop tunes that can essentially be summed up in one word - bitchin. The I'm An Adult Now ep, released independently in Canada, houses early incarnations of some of Love Junk's most crucial selections, including their signature hit, "I'm An Adult Now." Even recording sans the auspices of Mr. Rundgren, TPOH were still vitally potent, not to mention indelibly harmonious. By and large, the fully-realized album takes are a bit superior to these, but Love Junk wasn't quite capable of reflecting this ep's version of "Ten Fingers," with it's raw, ringing chords, lovingly seeping their way into your cranium.

01. I'n An Adult Now
02. Killed By Love
03. She's So Young
04. Ten Fingers


Grumpies said...

"I realize I'm probably not doing anyone a huge favor by uploading this, but what the hell."
What, are you kidding? The version here of "I'm an Adult Now" is a million times better than the Love Junk version. That alone makes this well worth downloading.

lkrushel said...

Great stuff! Thanks!!!

Side3 said...

TPOH was a great band...those first two albums in particular were great. "Two Girls In One" rocks and is hilarious to boot.

FINE said...

Great Ep. Never seen it with a green sleeve before though. Personally prefer the Second album... but IMHO - greatest band ever

King Size Mong said...

Great post! Love the different version of "I'm an Adult Now".

Dangerbird said...

I'm an Adult Now is the only TPOH tune i know - largely b/c it was played on late night telly nearly every week as i was growing up. thanks for resurrecting memories.

anastacia said...

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Ralph Dodger said...


Earthdog70 said...

Great band. Wish they would do a reunion tour in the US. I guess I will always have the memories of their 1988 show at the 930 Club in DC with The Primitives!