Friday, September 27, 2019

The Expression - s/t (1984, Oz/A&M)

Had a request for this one years ago, but only spotted a copy of it recently.  Not a bad $3 find in the wild, but hardly a revelation. The Expression were native to Sydney, Australia and sorta resembled another down under band, the considerably more popular Icehouse.  This is rather polished synth pop with the most exotic attribute evidencing itself via some occasional fretless bass.  We're treated to a few relatively memorable cuts - "With Closed Eyes," "Dawn, Day and Sleep," and "Right to a Slice."  Nothing particularly offensive or embarrassing mind you, and to the Expression's credit I'll take this combo over ABC or Go West in a heartbeat.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Present Communication
02. With Closed Eyes
03. Total Eclipse
04. Keep Appointments
05. Right to a Slice
06. Dawn, Day and Sleep
07. Decisons
08. You and Me
09. Nothing Changes
10. Satisfied Strangers

1 comment:

Robert Nagle said...

A fine album, typical 80s synthpop, but still very polished indeed. Great find.