Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sport of Kings - Sing Mary Sing (1982, Thermidor)

Sport of Kings were fortunate to exist at a time when the word "goth" wasn't so liberally applied to music. If anything, the more appropriate tag for this Bay Area duo would more suitably have been post-punk, given their seemingly keen affection for such Anglo conglomerates as Bauhaus and Comsat Angels.  There's a terrifically noir temperament to much of Sing Mary Sing, a record that merges mildly serrated sonic effects within song structures that are if not consistently melodic, at the very least approachable.  Sport of Kings angle for some serious mystique on this platter, albeit never contrived or forced.  And you'll find none of that beefy '80s production shtick here either, which is needless to say always a big plus.  Give this one a spin or two, and pay extra attention to the title track, and the album's enticing bookends, "So Easy" and "We Never Fail."

01. So Easy
02. A Wonderful Time
03. Dark Clouds Moving
04. I See Only You
05. Under the Same Blue Sky
06. Sing Mary Sing
07. Rich
08. Reminisce
09. We Never Fail


Fabio Danieli said...

This record have my whole heart, nice find... Thanks!

Davideomusic73 said...

Awesome vinyl...It would so appreciated more of this band.God bless you and Merry Christmas :)