Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Blue Peter - Up to You ep (1982, Ready)

Not to be confused with the cartoon of the same name, Blue Peter were a Toronto pop/wave export who in the '80s made waves in their home country, albeit registering mere ripples in the States.   Up to You was one of their later releases, but not a bad place to start if you're getting your feet wet.  The EP is bookended by it's title track, and a variation thereof for the finale.  I really dislike flaunty, trumpet-laced dance rock, which "Up to You" is sadly steeped in, but the four songs ensconced in between, range anywhere from good to excellent.  One of their signature titles, "Chinese Graffiti" brandishes an irresistible power-pop hook.  Unpredictably, "Graffiti" segues into the comparatively dark and "Guilty Secret," an edgy number reminiscent of the Comsat Angels.  And "The World Stops Here" illustrates that Blue Peter's reach should have extended far beyond Canada, and I'm sure for awhile it probably looked like that scenario could have transpired.

As goes heavy ringwear on the jacket, so goes the fidelity of the record, and this one is no exception.  I did my level best to tamp down some of the surface noise, but plenty of crackle is evident.  If it's an unblemished listen you desire you can check out Blue Peter aplenty over at their Soundcloud hovel. 

01. Up to You
02. Chinese Graffiti
03. Guilty Secret
04. Around You
05. The World Stops Here
06. Up to U

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Jim H. said...

pretty good, thanks! Looking on Discogs, they had quite a catalog!!