Sunday, June 25, 2017

Condition's red, disposition's blue.

A (somewhat) storied set of alternate mixes for this Boston band's second album.   Word is they had a lot on their heads. 



Pernt said...

Holy crap! I never knew these existed! This will make me sound incredibly old (and I guess at this point I am), but the summer of 1979 was kind of my true "musical awakening". I had received my grandfather's tiny teal-colored AM radio after he died, and I with it I discovered our local rock radio station. I became addicted and listened all day long during that summer. (Up until the sun went down, though... then I lost the signal.)

And that summer gave me two songs that are now burned into my DNA: "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO... and "Let's Go" by The Cars. "Let's Go" even became an important song years later in college, when I briefly dated a girl who was the mortal embodiment of the woman described in the song. (Actually, she's the same girl I referenced in my comment on your earlier Suzanne Vega post. Weird. You're dredging up a lot of romantic crap from my past...)

Anyway, I frigging love "Let's Go". So to hear this "new" version, so raw, and yet so familiar... it's astounding. Thanks again for another stellar post. You never disappoint.


Konrad Useo said...

Sure 'n this is welcome. A super listen. Thanks.

AJT said...

Can you repost please?