Thursday, May 18, 2017

Aunt Helen - Nephews Were Never Like This ep (1980, Razor)

Noooo!   Skinny ties and facial hair should never mix!  Granted, you'll have to download the record to see what I'm referring to on the back cover of Nephews...  I'm not sure what their point of origination is/was (Boston?) but the four-man Aunt Helen were about as scattershot as they come.  Something of a one-song-wonder, this record starts out with a genuine bang in the guise of "Psychology Today" and deescalates rapidly from there.   The keeper in question, "Psychology," boasts the sass and savvy of AH's Midwest contemporaries Fools Face and Secrets, not to mention a dash of The A's.  As you might have gleaned from the cover art, this was not a band that took themselves particularly seriously.  A sardonic, calypso reading of "Wild Thing" doesn't impress, nor does much of Helen's willfully cheeky approach on the remainder of Nephews.  Such goofball tactics are either charming and endearing or a fatal flaw.  I'll let you be the judge.

01. Psychology Today
02. Wild Thing
03. It Just Isn't Fair
04. Razor
05. Do the Nip
06. (If I Had An) Electric Guitar


Mark Alfred said...

Thanks. This post has solved a 35-year-quest to track down "Do the Nip," which I heard once on KCSC, the classical station of Edmond, OK, Central State University. After midnight, the grown-ups turned the broadcast booth over to the students, who aired a new-wave show they called "The Insect Lounge." I happened to be cassette-cording the show one night. "Do the Nip" was one of the songs aired. I listened over and over to that set of songs before losing the tape in the 1990s.

Thanks for happening across something that matched up with a hole in my knowledge!

Please send any interested readers to my pop-culture blog and my music blog!

spavid said...

Hey Mark. I did a search for this album before posting it, and I think I saw your explanation on a message board of some sort. Wow. Small world. Will check out your blogs soon. Thanks!

Jacob Landry said...

Yes, AH was from Boston. George Westbay later formed Sharp Stick. Berkeley trained players having fun as a quirky / goofy bar band.

Mark Alfred said...

Please let me plug the final result, a compilation of all the songs I remembered from that KSCS-FM cassette dub.


pillihp zelaznog said...

Please re upload! I've been looking everywhere for this one...


Mark Alfred said...

Dear Spavid, if you can't re-upload, I can provide what I DL'd from you, for this EP, for pillihp zelaznog.