Saturday, May 21, 2016

VA - Lost in the Haze Vol. 14 - Super Duper Uber Obscure Late '70s Power Pop

As if ordering hard to find CD titles from the now sadly departed Not Lame Records wasn't enough of a treat back in the '90s and  '00s, the kind proprietor of that power pop label and distro would incentivize those who made an online purchase by tossing in a handmade and self-curated cd-r compilation of impossibly rare songs that never made their way into the digital era proper.  God knows how many volumes  existed in the Lost in the Haze series alone (at least 14, obviously).  Accompanied only by a tray card track list with no other pertinent details about the music presented, these compilations were stuffed into paper cd envelopes, and would tend to accumulate in various piles in my house.  With a veritable absence of artwork they went out of sight and out of mind for years, until a few months ago when I organized the roughly twenty Not Lame freebies I had gradually piled up.  I'm presenting one of these to you today.

The Lost in the Haze series was focused on the arcanest of the arcane independent and privately pressed records in the lofty collection of the Not Lame archivist and music obsessive that for now shall go unnamed.  Volume 14 features eleven songs by uber-obscure acts, none of whom to my knowledge I've shared on Wilfully Obscure.  All I can tell you is that the songs originate from the late '70s with many of the participants skewing towards the Nick Lowe, Paul Collins Beat end of the power pop spectrum.  There are some phenomenal moments here by the Features, Treble Boys, Fans and a host of others, but I don't have a lick of info to impart on them, not even so much as the label and years they originate fun.  The point with these comps was to get the music out there in no frills fashion, and with that in mind that's how they're presented here.  Enjoy, set your browser to, and get ready to plunder your savings account if you wish to own the original wax these songs were derived from.

01. The Features - Don't Let Them Know 
02. The Shout - I Wanna Be There
03. Treble Boys - Julie-Ann
04. The Fans - You Don't Live Here
05. Modest Proposal - Nobody Says No
06. The RPM's - Don't Wanna Be Young
07. News - It Doesn't Matter
08. Loose Lips - Kyle
09. Kids - You're My Baby
10. The Frenchmen - No Surprise
11. Orbits - You Make the Rules


Barry Eisenberg said...

I'm sure Bruce would supply some info on these bands.

SP said...
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DiscConnected said...

Just thought I'd point out that while Not Lame is gone (and missed), Bruce still has an internet presence at Pop Geek Heaven (

spavid said...

Yes, I neglected to mention PGH. Good stuff.

jonder said...

The only band I recognize is the RPM's. They were a Milwaukee group from the early 80's, and were contemporaries of the Shivvers.

VaRocker said...

Thanks for this! Is possible to still get the first 13 volumes?

Earthdog70 said...

Modest Proposal is a DC band that recently did a reunion show. More info here:

Joe said...

The Treble Boys track was included on the Numero Group comp Yellow Pills: Pre-fill, whoch was later reissued as Buttons: Starter Kit. The Orbits track was reissued on a 7 inch by Sing Sing in 2009.

Barry Eisenberg said...

Will we see other volumes of the series here?

Bruce Brodeen said...

(I posted this elsewhere w/ another volume but thought it would be helpful here)

Man, I have NO idea how many of these I ended up doing in the 00s but I found a bunch of them earlier in this year and the highest one was in the 20s with the "Lost" series. I'm so glad you dug this one out! The confusing thing for completists(if they care) would be that Not Lame did a lot of themed comps like this, all of which had 2-5+ volumes themselves. "How Swede It Is", "Boston Baked Beans"(for Boston bands), "Obscuros", "Living in the Past", "Those Were Good Times", "Power Pop Hell" 'n such. I was and still a major geek who was obsessed like most here with finding the lost, forgotten and totally great releases of the past. I don't even have them all as they were long ago lost in a computer crash 8/9 years ago. Keep keeping this lost 'n cool music alive folks so it's not lost in the proverbial sands of time...