Saturday, November 21, 2015

Swervedriver - KCRW Brave New World session, 2/23/93

I suppose this doesn't require much explanation or heavy insight.  It's Swervedriver circa Mezcal Head on one of America's closest answers to the John Peel show, KCRW's Brave New WorldAdam Franklin and Co. perform and spiel for roughly a half hour, with a natural emphasis on Mezcal tunes, and a couple of oldies.  This was taped from an FM broadcast and the audio quality is slightly wobbly at moments.  Buyer beware.

01. intro
02. Last Train to Satansville
03. talk
04. For Seeking Heat
05. talk
06. Sandblasted
07. Duress
08. talk
09. Kill the Superheroes
10. outro

MP3  or  FLAC


Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this-any idea if this was the period that featured Danny Ingram (Youth Brigade/Strange Boutique/Dot Dash) on drums?

spavid said...

I'm not exactly sure who was playing drums in the session if that's what you mean. There's no roster in the sleeve notes to Mezcal Head. Sorry.

missjulied said...

Jez is playing drums here.

spavid said...

Thanks missjulied.

jonder said...

Wobbly or not, this is a great share. Thanks!!!
There are even more Swervy goodies at this fan site:

spavid said...

Cool. Thanks for the link.