Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buford 7" ep (1996, Noise Patch/Elastic)

Aside from a pair of split singles and some compilation tracks, this ep, so far as I can tell is the only other document of this stellar Redondo Beach, CA punk-pop franchise.  Buford hurled a saccharine knock out not unlike Superchunk, but occasional inflections of All and the Descendents permeated their mid-fi mix to boot.  A killer cannonball, one that the likes of the Get Up Kids would be bowling down our alley in a few short years.  Unfortunately, what’s also killer is the amount of painful vinyl static, particularly on the crucial leadoff track, “Pedal On.”  These songs deserve to be immortalized on CD, but short of that the best I can offer are modestly cleaned up MP3s.  As a side note, "Slimy Record Label Guys" has a locked groove at the end, which I opted to fade out.  Oh, in regards to the gentleman depicted on the left of the sleeve, I'm not aware of what his particular malady is, but it looks pretty damn excruciating. 

01. Pedal On
02. Small Girl in a Big Town
03. Bugsy Cogsy
04. Slimy Record Label Guys


Chainsaw said...

Just in case anyone ever checks this post again...

Link is dead and I would love to get my hands on this record (been chasing it for years). If anyone can help: 1989cubs AT gmail DOT com


Matt said...

interesting. i always thought my vinyl rip of my copy was noisy because i just sucked at doing it, but i have the same exact problem. i guess it's the pressing that's off/bad? either way, this band was severely underrated. totally agree with the ALL/Dents comparison. the drummer has always reminded me of Bill Stevenson had he been a garage rocker.

Matthew Power said...

Chainsaw, I just sent you a bunch of mp3s over Gmail. I hope they make it to you ok. Glad to hear people are still listening to this band.

Chainsaw said...

Thank you, Matthew. HUGELY appreciated.

Sean said...

can anyone reup or send files to seandolan813 at g mail dot com?