Friday, October 12, 2012

Baxters - Era Buffet (1986, Press)

What can you say about an obscure, long-defunct group that have a Myspace page without a shred of biographical data?  In the case of New York's Baxters, not terribly much, as that's the only corner of cyberspace that appears to reference them. A tad non-descript and anti-climactic for their own good, Baxters' stripe of power pop bears a pedestrian tilt.  Era Buffet succeeds however on the strength of competent, appealing songs with "Cliches," "I Won't Bite," and "We All Need Sleep" slowly but surely winning me over on repeat run-throughs.  If anyone can shed a little more light on this quartet, please do.

01. World's Too Small
02. Long Way Home
03. Generation
04. Bend in the River
05. I Won't Bite
06. Lifetime
07. Tears Come Down
08. Beer Theme
09. Cliches
10. Bare Burden
11. We All Need Sleep
12. Goin' Nowhere Fast


Rolo Tomasi said...

Nice one, thanks.

In the myspace appear as "The Baxters"

bglobe313 said...

"Slowly but surely winning me over" happened to me today.

First listen, no big deal. Same for second.

But today when I put it on to make the final cut, I recognized a bit of it and then "Cliches" hit. Great, little song. The other two you mention are also my two other "bests" on this.

Not an "essential" disc, but if you are reading this site for the more pop oriented stuff (as opposed to the more noise oriented stuff) give this a listen.

lolo carolo said...


would it be posible a re-up of this one?

thank you very much